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sick, sick, sick motherfuckers.

The San Francisco Art Institute is running an exhibit now through May 31st made up of video images of six different animals -- a doe, a goat, a horse, an ox, a pig, and a sheep -- being bludgeoned to death with a large sledgehammer by someone calling himself an "artist." Entitled "Don't Trust Me," this sick exhibit is nothing more than a disgusting attempt to pass off the brutal abuse and killing of animals as legitimate art. Please Take Action to urge the Institute to remove this deplorable exhibit immediately, and implement a policy explicitly prohibiting exhibits for which animals were exploited or killed.

Sign a petition to ask the SFAI to remove the exhibit here.
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Answered from fightscrime:

1) Would you rather be able to call for and receive, instantly, any book in the world, or any piece of music?

Hmmm...that's hard. I think I would go with music only because I have such a hard time finding music. Books I can usually track down but I have a much harder time with music because I can never figure out song names or musicians.

2) Would you rather live on a houseboat, or in a cabin in the woods?

It's totally my dream to live in a cabin in the woods and have the deer come and eat out of my hands.

3) What is your favorite online diversion (other than lj)

Flickr. I really enjoy peeking into other peoples' lives. Also news websites even though it's always bad news and I tend to get depressed pretty easily. But mostly Flickr. I like looking at pictures of Bostons and also pictures of food, especially Laptop Lunches.

4) What are some perks of marriage vs. living in sin?

That's hard to say. Marriage is weird. It doesn't really change a whole lot of stuff. It made our parents very happy. It gives us a tax break. It made buying a house and getting loans easier. I don't know that there are a lot of "perks" in terms of loving each other more or having a greater commitment than non-married people. I think that's silly. I guess the only real perk is that we've (though not all married folks have) gone very, very out of our way to publicly show everyone that we've made a commitment to each other and we feel that we got to share that commitment, which is special to us, with the people we love and care about. That was a nice perk. It felt very special. Also, the presents were pretty cool.

5) What's your favorite (or most hated_ passive-aggressive e-mail or other online communication trick?

That's hard because I really hate being passive-aggressive over e-mail because I kind of suck at it. I just get sucked into being either totally aggressive or totally passive. I far prefer to be passive-aggressive in person. I do hate it when other people, people I am good friends with, write me very business-like e-mails when it's totally unnecessary. I get this a lot from board members about derby stuff. It's like, we're friends! You don't have to write like you're writing an e-mail instructing a subordinate. It makes me feel stupid and defensive before I even start writing. And I think that's probably their sneaky goal.

fuck you

the agony

Does anyone know how to get rid of adware?? I have AdAware (granted, the free version) but it doesn't seem to have done shit. I don't know if it's because GT downloads a lot of music or maps for his GPS or what. This is driving me CRAZY!!! It sucks because I am trying to do a ton of research for papers and it's really hard when all this nonsense keeps popping up. I'm getting really good at closing things though. REALLY good.

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Is it possible to wake up one morning and have poorer eyesight than when you went to bed? I'm wearing my glasses but everything looks blurry. I am not drunk. I really, really don't feel like wearing my contacts when I'm all sick and shit. And this priceless information is why you read my lj, correct?